Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Upgrade your Hiring Process Now

Business tips from the Ascentive team

Although the process of hiring new employees is often time consuming, a well-designed process can minimize the time you spend recruiting, and reduce the time you spend in training new hires. Here are the keys you need to upgrade your hiring process now.

Without a doubt, you need to use the same set of base questions for every candidate. Never deviate from your  interview process just because a candidate has a certain background or skillset.

Provide opportunities to Window Shop
Most company hiring processes and career websites are designed based on the premise that candidates are ready to apply for a specific job. More often than not, the best candidates are just looking and comparing options. To accommodate these people, managers must be willing to talk or meet with candidates on an exploratory basis.

Be Thorough     
Always be thorough with your hiring process. Your attention to detail will show the candidate that your company pays attention to quality, and are worth working for. A thorough process will also build trust with the rest of your employees and improve morale, as the attention to detail suggests to the team that you want only the best people to work with them.

Skills Test
A skills test is often a vital component of the hiring process for certain positions. In these situations a candidate may be invited to take a written exam or a performance test. For example, if the candidate is applying for a position that involves the operation of heavy equipment, they may be asked to demonstrate that can operate the company’s equipment.

Peer Review
Involve as many team members as possible in the overall hiring process, not just the evaluation group or team members who will be working closely with your future hire. Involving your team will help sell your company to the candidate, and provide you with a larger and more varied amount of feedback about the candidate to review and use to make a decision.
Document The Process
Be sure to document all the data you receive during the hiring process, including the candidate’s background, their performance during their interviews, and peer review feedback. While a person many not be a fit for the current role, they may be a great fit for a later opening.

The Personal Touch
Finally, always show the candidate that you value their time and treat them well. Always take the time to answer their questions about your company and the position that they are applying for. Never make them waiting too long in the lobby for their interview, and be sure to offer them something to drink when they come in – at the very least a cup of coffee or bottled water.

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