Thursday, June 2, 2011

10 Awesome Ways to Boost your Business with Twitter

Business tips from the Ascentive team

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows you to post 140-character updates called Tweets. Since it’s a constant stream of communication, Twitter is a great way for you to build your business. Here are ten ways to boost your business with Twitter.

Daily Sales
One of the best ways to use Twitter is to update your customers on the sales that are available to them every day. Since Twitter is a constant stream of communication, your customers will realize that your business is a regular source of value. Use an auto-updater like to save you time posting on your behalf during your busy workday. And always link back to your company blog to further increase your online presence.

Marketing Research
Marketing research and focus groups are often expensive, time consuming endeavors. Instead, use Twitter to ask a research question, or use Twitter Search to see what people are saying about your products or services.

Word of Mouth
Followers are always looking for something to tweet about and improve their own personal brand. Giving followers something great to tweet about, and your product or service will soon be marketed through Internet word-of-mouth.

Share Tips
Always use Twitter is share tips about your niche. Your followers will come to think of you as an expert, and someone to purchase products and services from when it comes to your area of expertise.

Sales Research
A valuable tool for sales, Twitter keeps a public record of all updates, which can be mined for sales leads when you use Twitter's search function. Be sure to use key terms when you perform your searches.

Use Twitter to offer discounts on excess inventory when followers respond to a specific comment or question. Followers will tune into you on a regular basis to discover these great deals.

When you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t have time to read resumes and search for the right candidates for your company. Use Twitter to help you find the best and the brightest hires for your company quickly.

Answer Questions
Social Media is all about building authentic relationships. Use Twitter to answer questions about your product or service and connect on a more personal level with your employees and customers.

Follow Experts in your Niche
Twitter is not only a great place to teach, it’s also a great place to learn. Use Twitter to follow experts in your field and stay on the cutting edge of your niche.

Combine Twitter with other Social Media
Finally, use Twitter in conjunction with other Social Media services like Groupon. Not only will you benefit from Groupon’s popularity, but you will also increase your overall number of customers, as more people will group together to buy from you.

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