Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Top Ten Personal Branding Trends for 2011

Business ideas from FinallyFast:
A personal brand is the process by which we market ourselves to others. As a brand, we can leverage the same strategies that corporate brands appeal to others in order to build influence and equity. Here are the top ten personal branding trends for 2011:
1) Freemium Content
It’s no secret that content such as blog articles and podcasts are made freely available across the web.  The more people that know about your brand through free content the better, as the content spreads your trust, reputation and influence.

2) Lists                                            
More and more small businesses are viewing social media and email as an important way to build lists of people interested in their products and services and then to convert them over time. 

3) Transparency
Search engines are starting to blend with social networks and status updates are being made visible and accessible just about everywhere on the web. Every single time you publish a tweet, it will appear in Google and other search engines and, with your permission, it can appear on LinkedIn and Facebook. This makes it that much harder to maintain your brand’s image, so keep an eye out.

4) Interpersonal Skills over Talent
As everyone moves more and more into technology and skills set become more and more similar, the ability to work well with others in order to get things done will be hugely important.

5) Brand Enlightenment
More than ever, Social Media like Twitter and Facebook allow people to categorize users, providing those users with the first clues as to what their brands really are.

6) Super-niches
These days it’s exponentially harder to compete with big brands; people have to really narrow down their market in order to stand out and succeed. Whatever you specialize in, promote a specific aspect of your area in order to stand out.

7) Early Personal Brand Adoption
Your personal brand doesn’t start with your first social media profile or your first email account. Nowadays it starts with the baby blog your mom created and carries through to your well-documented mischief on MySpace…and that history will likely stay on the Internet somewhere forever.

8) Personal Portals
Although it’s sometimes difficult (and costly) to acquire your name as a URL nowadays, personal portals such as and comprise a new category of online tools that allow you to link all the different facets of your brand in one place. They let you create one customizable Web page that connects all your profiles from various social networks. This allows you to develop a custom design using your personal brand identity system to serve as your personal home page.

9) Video
Video is the most powerful personal branding medium because it closes the gap because between knowing of someone and actually meeting him or her. Text and audio doesn’t have that type of impact, which is why video will be a huge trend next year.

10) Online Voice
In addition to all that work experience and all of that credibility you’ve built up, your online voice will be just as valuable.  If you don’t blog or comment on blogs or at least update your status on social networks, then you won’t be perceived as a valuable contributor. 

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