Thursday, March 10, 2011

Google Releases Chrome 10 Browser

From the FinallyFast Help Desk:

On Tuesday, Google released a stable version of their browser, Chrome 10, three weeks after its Beta release. Google notes on their blog that this edition of Chrome comes with a speed boost that corresponds to a 66% improvement in Javescript performance based on their V8 benchmark suite.

In addition to the improvement in speed, the Chrome 10 release ships with a simpler setting interface and an extension of Chrome's sandboxing tech to the integrated Flash Player. According to Google this will allow users to import their bookmarks and change their browsers' homepages with ease. The interface includes a search box, and users can also now paste a link directly into Chrome's address bar to a specific settings page.

Google also notes that users can now quickly log on to their frequented websites even when they switch computers by synchronizing their password across all their Internet-enabled devices. Users can also choose to sync bookmarks, extensions, preferences, and themes. The syncing option for Chrome is located in the "Personal Stuff" section in Chrome's settings.

Download the latest version of Google Chrome Here.

Ironically, Google's two biggest competitors also made browser-related announcements this week. Microsoft confirmed on their steam blogthat the latest edition of their browser, Internet Explorer 9, would release on March 14th, and Mozilla also released the first release candidate of Firefox 4. According to a comparison made by ConceivablyTech on Monday, Internet Explorer 9 is in the lead with hardware acceleration, while Firefox 4 RC1 is the leader in terms of Javascript performance.