Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Affiliate Marketing Manager joins Ascentive

Hello everyone! I’m Olivia Alvarez, the new Affiliate Marketing Manager for Ascentive. I’ve been with Ascentive for 5 weeks now; soaking up a lot of information, reviewing current marketing campaigns with many of our partners and sharing best practices. I previously managed the affiliate marketing program and online acquisition efforts for Barnes&Noble.com and excited to bring my expertise to Ascentive!

My goal is to have all of my affiliates succeed in marketing our offers. That said, I have a full list of projects I’m working on, from program updates to new banner creative and also, a dedicated email address for you to send questions, comments and feedback. This is just the beginning. Check back regularly as I will be posting updates and news on a regular basis! STAY TUNED….

Feel free to contact me with any immediate questions you might have at affiliatehelp@ascentive.com or visit our affiliate page and sign up at http://www.ascentive.com/partners/affiliate_program/index.html.