Thursday, February 25, 2010

Affiliate marketing course looks to capitalize on those looking to make money from home

Millions of people are looking to make some money in the affiliate marketing realm. But, how many of them actually know the best practices?

To help those looking to make a splash in the growing affiliate realm, a new online home study course, "Affiliate Millionaire" has been created by affiliate marketing expert Andrew Fox.

"I've been a part of the affiliate marketing word since the year 2000 and have been stunned by the growth of the making money online industry," said Fox. "For many years I've been requested to produce a course … Affiliate Millionaire is my answer to that."

Affiliate marketing is becoming an increasingly attractive career choice for those that are looking to earn money while either working from home or facing layoffs, according to an iMedia account of the 2009 Affiliate Benchmark Study.

The study was based on survey data from 3500 affiliates, according to Affiliate Benchmarks, affiliate research arm of NETexponent.

Forrester research recently predicted that affiliate marketing would grow from a $1.9 billion dollar industry in 2009 to $4 billion by 2014.