Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Steps to building a strong affiliate marketing plan

Many people try to make money through affiliate marketing. Some are successful, as others flounder. Skip McGrath, an expert on auction selling and affiliate marketing, recently posted on his blog that those who are successful not only learn about affiliate marketing by attending conferences but utilize the leading technology and giving more than a link. Everyone thinks you need a massive mailing list or a high traffic website to make money with affiliate marketing, but in fact those are only two of the ways to do this, said McGrath, noting that there are at least five other ways to make money with affiliate marketing. Leading the way, according to McGrath, is for those interested in affiliate marketing is to start a blog. Once starting a blog, it is very easy to build an opt-in mailing list that can also be use to boost affiliate income. Another way to make money with affiliate marketing is to set up small niche websites that are optimized for one specific keyword or keyword phrase, capitalizing on the terms used to search for the partner. Some additional ways are to capitalize on social networks, eBay and Craigslist classified ads, and to comment on blog posts and add the affiliate link to the post.