Thursday, January 7, 2010

Newer affiliate marketing pros missing out on tech opportunities

In marketing, it is as important to know what works and doesn't, Successful marketing is built around accurate forecasting and benchmarking. When it comes to affiliate marketing which is not known for transparency, getting numbers to set accurate benchmarks is difficult. Recently NETexponent's research division, AffiliateBenchmarks, has made available its second annual survey of affiliates, which surveyed more than 3500 affiliates responses, making it the largest affiliate survey to date, according to the company. Perhaps most interesting from the survey is that 49 percent indicated they were in the industry less than 2 years - indicating growth in the affiliate channel. However, many of these newer affiliates are not yet taking advantage of the technologies and strategies that are helping more established affiliate succeed, the survey reported. Among the other under-utilized opportunities beyond PPC keywords search and the use of flash ads/widgets include: new affiliates missed opportunities to gather up to date information from industry blogs in order to spot trends and failed to collect data on site visitors in order to promote the more relevant, higher-converting merchant programs, the survey pointed out.