Thursday, January 14, 2010

Affiliate marketing riding the technology wave to success

In a recent article on ReveNews, Shawn Collins, co-founder of Affiliate Summit took a look back at affiliate marketing and calls for some changes in the industry for 2010. Collins said that although the industry is tough to get numbers on, anecdotally, he believes the industry is doing well. Part of that strength comes from the creativity of the affiliates. As recently as a few years ago much of the affiliate marketing done was mostly one-dimensional sites with 468 x 60 banners and some text links. Today, affiliates are at the cutting edge of technology available. "These days people are using every possible method of marketing in affiliate marketing," Collins said. "Whether it be pay-per-call, a video podcast, micro blogs, social network links or games, any kind of method available, affiliates are out there using it to reach the consumer." Collins also believes that the stigma associated with affiliate marketing has also begun to recede as more big companies and brands become increasingly involved in affiliate programs. Much of the negative perception began in 2003 when the CAN-SPAM Act was passed because there was a small minority of people that were sending out spam that reflected on the entire industry itself, Collins said. He added that despite a rebounding reputation, the industry needs to focus on ethics in 2010 to keep it growing.