Thursday, December 3, 2009

Australian travel companies urged to boost affiliate marketing programs

For years, people looking to travel would search their local paper for the best deals. But just like every other shopping decision, travelers are turning to the internet for their travel information. Travel companies in Australia are being urged to follow them by bumping up their affiliate marketing efforts. Pay for performance marketing strategies such as affiliate marketing are now emerging in Australia after being successful for many years in the UK and America. Leah Squire owner of internet-based travel company said, "Not only can you use affiliate marketing to drive customers to your business, but many tourism operators could be earning a passive income from their websites." Leah's advice should not be dismissed lightly; her business has grown from an idea to a multi-million dollar business in just three years with a database of over 20,000 names and more than 2,000 people visiting the BYOkids website every day, she reports. Domestic leisure travel in Australia is a AU$46 billion business (US $42 billion), according to Tourism Australia.