Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ascentive Software statement regarding Automatic Renewal Emails

During the weekend of Dec 11th to Dec 13th, a subscription auto-renewal email was accidentally sent to everyone in the Ascentive email database. This database includes not only current and former customers but also recipients who have received any information from us in the past.

The email, which was only meant for a small number of our subscription users, has caused confusion and distress among a considerable number of people who received this email. Ascentive would like to assure both current and former customers who are not part of the subscription service that their credit card will not be billed at this time and there is no need to contact Ascentive customer support to cancel the renewal.

Ascentive is fully CAN-SPAM compliant and maintains an up-to-date list of opted out e-mail addresses which have been previously sent promotional advertisements and then requested removal from our email list. For anyone who received the email and has previously un-subscribed from our email list, they will not receive any additional promotional emails beyond this matter from Ascentive moving forward.

We offer our apologies for the error and are working to address the technical issue to ensure this does not happen again in the future.